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Transform your life by learning the Boundary Awareness Method.

‚úď Understand why you feel anxious, resentful, or lonely in your closest relationships.

‚úď Experience authentic intimacy and joyful connection by learning to communicate non-violently and effectively.

‚ústManage conflict with ease & grace.

 Embody Your Boundaries

Weekend Intensive

Sat & Sun, June 29 & 30
from 9am-1pm PDT/12-4pm EST both days

  • See the world - and your life/role in it - in a new way.¬†
  • Experience¬†what embodied boundaries feel like so¬†you¬†can stop the endless cycle of fear and control.
  • Learn¬†concrete ways¬†to embody the change you want to see in the world by changing your inner world first.
  • Begin to envision¬†a life that feels fulfilled, aligned, and self-directed--all within community.¬†¬†
  • Practice discerning¬†the¬†nuanced intersection and impact of childhood and generational trauma within the context of systemic oppression (e.g., patriarchy, white body supremacy, and capitalism).¬†
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Testimonials on Embody Your Boundaries Weekend Intensive

   "[Judy's] work is tectonic, not superficial. It is based on your deep and unique history... Most importantly, she coaches you so that you become empowered to be your OWN coach with enough time and practice.
¬† ¬†My investment - time, money, and energy - into our work together has come back to me 100 times over. If you are ready to confront hard truths and challenge yourself because you know you deserve to be the happiest, most authentic version of yourself, don't think too hard...Judy is the best coach out there.‚ÄĚ


   "The intensive was very rewarding. I took away things that I hadn't thought of before and I'm leaving with a new perspective on how to understand my emotions. 
   The group was great! I learned a lot from other people's stories. I was initially worried that I would get bored, tired or uninterested within the 4 hours but it was quite engaging and even a little fun :)
   Judy, you are truly a gift. I feel like the things that I've learned through your coaching would have taken me so much longer in life to figure out. I've been able to see myself differently as well as others. I'm eternally grateful for the work that you do and hope to continue to learn from you."


   "This was a fantastic experience! Made me realize a lot of things that I didn’t know about myself.
   I feel like you made a profound difference in my life for the better! I never really came to terms with being an abused child before. Denial was where I lived."

~Parent of two, 18 & 24

Is Embody Your Boundaries Weekend Intensive right for you?

  • Do you often feel unwelcome, unappreciated, or powerless in your own home?
  • Do you ever wonder why you are so angry, overwhelmed, or emotionally exhausted all of the time?
  • Do you ever feel lost in your life--unfulfilled at work, at home,¬†or with your own family?
  • Do you ever feel¬†insecure or deficient when you compare yourself to others?
  • Do you happen to be in an inter-racial relationship and feel like you're working against each other rather than in alignment with each other?
  • Do you ever worry how your child will navigate the complicated world and set appropriate boundaries that you never learned?
Yes? Then YES, this weekend is for YOU.

Join the Boundary Revolution!

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Sat & Sun, JUNE 29 & 30: 9am-1pm PDT/12-4pm EST

This is not a typo. I want everyone to access how to heal our emotional and psychological boundaries. Everyone. 

Be sure to show up to receive a gift I am offering for attendees.

  • Block off your calendar.
  • Get a babysitter.
  • Pause your doom scrolling and/or Netflix binging for a few hours.
  • Be prepared with pen, paper, snacks, and tissues.
  • Nothing else is more important than you understanding how to take care of you--the¬†real¬†you.

Trust me. It will be well worth the time. 

[Yes, this will be recorded and access will be given for a limited time; otherwise, you won't watch it.¬†ūüĎÄ ]

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