The Essential Guide to Establishing Your Boundaries

A New Path to Finding Fulfilling Connections & Inner Peace

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The Boundary Revolution: Decolonize Your Relationships and Discover a New Path to Joy

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By embarking on this journey, you’ll discover the keys to unlocking fulfilling connections and reclaiming inner peace. In this book, Hu empowers you to:

Liberate yourself from the grip of your inner critic and regain self-assurance

Navigate conflicts and set clear boundaries that honor your needs and values

Understand how your own past experiences shape your present relationships

Implement practical strategies to heal emotional wounds and break generational patterns

✓ Embrace imperfection and find contentment in being an authentic and imperfect human

… and so much more!

About Judy


Judy Hu is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor turned Boundary Coach with almost two decades of clinical experience. 

Judy's life was shaped by trying to fit into boxes laid out in front of her--by her immigrant family, by her "normal" peers, and by a society based on oppression. None of those boxes or expectations fit. Trying to mask feelings of being an imposter and not good enough, she landed at an all time low and finally chose her Self. 

Her detoxification from co-dependence allowed a clear view of the systems that imprisoned her. A wounded healer at heart, she created a step by step framework to guide others to their own joyful liberation.

She launched her first book in summer of 2023 and is delighted to help clients with her group programs.

Discover how to strategically set boundaries within nuanced power differentials, unpack systemic oppression in bite-sized pieces, and more.