Judy Hu, LMHC

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Judy Hu, LMHC is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor turned Boundary Coach and author based in Massachusetts with almost two decades of clinical experience. 

Judy's life was shaped by trying to fit into boxes laid out in front of her--by her immigrant family, by her "normal" peers, and by a society based on oppression. None of those boxes or expectations fit. 

Trying to mask feelings of being an imposter and not good enough, she landed at an all time low and finally chose her Self. Her detoxification from co-dependence allowed a clear view of the systems that imprisoned her. A wounded healer at heart, she created a step by step framework to guide others to their own joyful liberation.

My Approach

Clients are guided to understand their Psychological Boundaries and worldview. A “Psychological Boundary” is a way to understand one’s self-esteem—how one values their Self and how they move and exist in the world. 

Based off of Pia Mellody and Jan Bergstrom's work on co-dependence, Judy has created her own Psychological Boundary Framework ™ that helps clients actively unlearn toxic belief systems learned in childhood, informed by the larger societal context. 

Rather than learn coping skills, clients learn who they really are, by reparenting internal wounded children in order to grow their Functional Adult Self. Clients embody a new worldview that is grounded in equality, non-violence, freedom, social responsibility, and interdependence. 

Judy is not a neutral a sounding board. She actively and lovingly will push you to challenge every belief system and every behavioral pattern that keeps you from being authentic. She then offers healthier, more joyful alternatives that align with your new (always been there) Self.

Qualifications & Training

Judy is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the state of Massachusetts.

She completed her Masters Degree at Lesley University in Expressive Arts Therapy. 

Continuing education, trainings, and her endless curiosity allows her to stay up to date on current research and best practices. 

Judy utilizes traditional talk therapy, mindfulness, guided visualization, Somatic Experiencing, and other trauma informed interventions. 

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