Join me for three months of coaching support, where I teach my Psychological Boundaries Framework in bite-sized pieces. 

Using case studies, you will be able to conceptualize the framework, and have an opportunity to integrate the information for your own life. Case studies allow for enough engagement to understand and integrate the framework, without triggering you into your own trauma history. 

The cost of the live group coaching program is $775. This investment includes the following:

  • Eight live group coaching cohort (for BIPOC & LGBTQ+ only): Thur, 7-8:30pm EST: OCT 5, 19; NOV 2, 16, 30; DEC 14, 28; JAN 11
  • Seven live Coffee Hour Q&A: 12-1pm EST: Fri, 12-1pm EST: OCT 13, 27; NOV 10, 17 (intentionally to help prepare for holidays); DEC 8, 22; JAN 5
  • Asynchronous 1:1 coaching with me thru WhatsApp or email
  • Group WhatsApp to build community.


I have two tracks to learn, practice, and integrate the steps outlined in my book, The Boundary Revolution: Decolonize Your Relationships And Discovery A New Path to Joy:

Asynchronous: Go at your own pace through the course, with videos, assignments, asychronous WhatsApp coaching, and bi-monthly live Q&A coffee hours on Fridays from 12-1pm EST: OCT 13, 27; NOV 10, 17 (intentionally to help prepare for holidays); DEC 8, 22; JAN 5. You will be able to submit your questions ahead of time. The coffee hour will be live & recorded as a podcast, in case you can't make it & want to listen while multi-tasking. 

Live Group Coaching: You get everything Asynchronous gets PLUS a live cohort to build a sense of community. Next cohort group starts meeting for eight Thursdays from 7-8:30pm EST: OCT 5, 19; NOV 2, 16, 30; DEC 14, 28; JAN 11. 

Your sense of Self is your Psychological Boundary. Your Self-esteem is how you learn to BE and LIVE in the world. As we can see, the world is hurting as are we all, because we have not been taught the framework of freedom, equality, and interdependence. For the world to change, each of us must unlearn who we think we are to break free and Re-Member* who we really are in order to finally thrive. 

Learn and practice healthy relational boundaries within a brave group setting. Together, we explore how we learned to esteem ourselves and others--without needing to disclose any private information. We begin to understand how our world views are impacted not only by our families of origin, but also the oppressive society in which we were raised. 

You will leave with a clearer sense of who you are, how you've needed to adapt in order to survive/function, and how to begin to claim your space within a worldview that is grounded in equality, non-violence, freedom, social responsibility, and interdependence. 

Please note: while therapeutic in nature, group coaching is not intended as group therapy. 

*The term "Re-Member" originated by my teacher, Resmaa Menakem.

Stop trying to manage anxiety and depression. Start aligning with who you are and thrive. Healing is not your life's purpose.



  • You want to learn how to establish clear boundaries and negotiate your needs/wants in a direct and non-violent way.
  • You want to stop people pleasing, and intentionally/mindfully live in your power and authenticity.
    You want to feel comfortable making mistakes with people you care about and who care about you.
  • You are ready to grapple with the complicated intersectionality of oppressive systems and intergenerational trauma.
  • You want to feel part of a welcoming and courageous community who is committed to self-healing in order to build beloved community.


"This group felt to me more like a salve / balm / healing type of space - less tectonic shifts in my worldview and more so remembering that many of us are battling similar battles." - Spring 2022 participant 

"I really appreciated the camaraderie and the ability to reflect and resonate with each other's challenges, triumphs and stories. It felt powerful to learn about how to use these therapeutic tools alongside others with similar shared experiences of being people of color in a white supremacist world. I particularly appreciated the way that Judy would take moments to pause and let whoever was speaking really feel into their feelings in that moment, and created a safe container for us to be vulnerable with ourselves and the group. It felt healing to be in a self-selective space where everyone wants to heal and grow together." -Spring 2022 participant 

"Absolutely incredible. I appreciated these frameworks so much. Mainly because it gave me a new way to appreciate and honor the ways in which I move through the world, often times not necessarily in my functional adult (the way I would like to think that I’m moving through the world) but rather recognize how I have been reverting back to a younger more wounded version who doesn’t have the tools to express and advocate for myself in a non-violent way." -Spring 2022 participant 

"I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that this was life-changing. I especially liked the structure/order of the materials, and how they built on top of each other. I am already using these frameworks to understand my states of dysregulation, how to regulate, and how I'd like to communicate my feelings, wants, and needs to others." -Spring 2021 participant 

"Judy did a phenomenal job. I really loved the "on-the-spot" moments (both as a participant and observer), I think those were some of the most informative moments, to understand how to apply the skills in real time, and how difficult (but rewarding) it can be to do so. " -Spring 2021 participant

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